Development of Wind Farms in Private Land in Kerala

  • Application Form for Submission of Technical Proposal
  • Details of 16 sites having potential for commercial harnessing of wind power
  • Policy Guidelines for the development of wind power in Kerala through private developers [as per G.O. (MS) No: 23/2004/PD dated 06.11.2004 and revised as per G.O (MS) No.7/2007/PD dated 11.5.2007]

Amendment to policy guidelines [G.O. (Rt) No. 295/08/PD dated 22.11.2008]

Wind Energy - Enhancement of processing fee for Technical Approval [AO.No.192/WIND/ANERT/2014 dt.24.12.2014]

Wind Energy - Levying of fee for extension of time of Technical Approval  [AO.No.188/WPC/EC/ANERT/205 dt.30.12.2015]