The objective of this software is to set up a secure and viable online marketplace application for the empanelled vendors of ANERT. The main functionalities of this software involves:

  • This E market place is the intermediate platform for empanelled vendors of ANERT to sell and customers in Kerala to buy renewable energy products. The vendor/Seller Portal and buyer/client portal will be managed in the E Market Place.
  • To sell/buy a product the seller/ buyer first has to get empanelled with ANERT and then ANERT will allow them to register their details in the E market place and get the credentials.
  • The buyer can browse for products listed on the portal. They can view all details of the product including specifications and test certificates.
  • The buyer can search for and compare products listed on the website
  • They can order the system by making online payment
  • All transaction details for a product will be sent to the buyer/client through SMS or Email.
  • For grid-connected solar rooftop systems the approval information of the utility shall also be obtained online. The details of approvals of Electrical Inspectorate (for systems of 10 kVA or higher capacity) shall also be available
  • Any systems under subsidy programmes of Govt of India shall also be listed. If a buyer needs to order a system with subsidy, they will have to validate their Aadhaar details. Subsidy will be credited to their Aadhaar linked account through DBT.
  • Subsidised Products are limited by Aadhar No. to one installation type per buyer
  • For systems requiring installation, there could be multiple payment stages, based on the progress.
  • Other normal eMarketplace features such as electronic online payment, Email confirmation, Allow Online Product reviews and ratings, Offer online promotions and rewards, will be made available
  • The eMarketplace will have backend linkage to programme management portal for workflow related to installations, mobile app, etc., making the entire process online, transparent and paperless.


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