Solar Thermal Energy Programme of ANERT is aimed at supplementing thermal energy requirements at various temperature for different applications like cooking, water heating, Industrial process heating, crop drying, space heating, water desalination, etc. by harnessing solar energy and converting it into heat using various solar thermal devices and systems.

ANERT has installed 1,24,000 lpd solar water heating systems in hospitals.  So far, ANERT has installed 27626 m2 collector area in Kerala.  With these installations, the power conserved is equivalent to 0.84 MW of conventional electricity generation capacity.

Apart from this, ANERT has distributed 940 solar cookers, 15 solar crop driers, 3 industrial crop driers, 80 solar stills, 3 SK-14 cookers, 90 m2 of swimming pool heaters and has carried out revitalisation of 10 old industrial systems.

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