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Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology

Society Registered under Act XII of 1955.
(Reg.No. T 1784 / 2004)

PMG-Law College Road, Vikas Bhavan.P.O, Thiruvananthapuram 695033
Phone : 0471 - 2333124, 2334122, 2338077 
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ANERT is an autonomous organization established during 1986 as an Institution under Department of Science and Technology. This was registered under Charitable Societies Act by the Government of Kerala. ANERT is now functioning under the Power Dept. Its Head Quarters is at Thiruvananthapuram.

The objective of the Agency is to gather and disseminate useful knowledge in various fields of Non-Conventional Energy, Energy Conservation and Rural Technology; conduct studies, demonstrate, implement and support implementations of schemes and project in these fields and thereby deal with the problems arising out of the rapid depletion of conventional energy sources; update the technologies used in rural areas as well as introduce appropriate new technologies with an aim to reduce drudgery, increase production and improve quality of life.

ANERT is also the Nodal Agency for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources (MNRE), Govt. of India, to carry out the Central Program’s in Kerala.

ANERT has undertaken Total Energy Security Mission along with Local Self Government to energy security by assessing requirement and planning resources.

The Agency is better known by its acronym ANERT and has become a synonym for Renewable Sources of Energy and Energy Conservation in the State.

ANERT is headed by a Director appointed by the Government who is the Member Secretary of Executive Committee and the Governing Body. ANERT is guided by an Executive Committee chaired by the Chairman, Secretary power dept; and a Governing Body chaired by the Minister of Electricity, Govt. of Kerala to provide guidelines for ANERT's activities in various energy related areas.

During the past 25 years, ANERT has been contributing significantly to the development and exploitation of New and Renewable Energy sources of the state.

So far, ANERT has established a power generating capacity of 3 MW of Solar photovoltaic panels which have generated 4.2 million units of electricity; conserved 70.9 million units conventional electricity through its energy conservation program by sparing a generation capacity of 33.2 MW. Supplied solar hot water equivalent to hot water heated by 32.5 million units of electricity. Generated 0.85 million units of electricity through its biomass gasification and biogas program and conserved 0.18 million tones of fire wood through its Improved Chulha program.


Harness maximum possible Renewable Energy to offset consumption of conventional electricity and fossil fuels.


  • Acquire develop and demonstrate suitable renewable energy technologies
  • Estimate resources put in place conducive policies
  • Identify barriers introduce policy options and popularize use of renewable energy
  • Increase capacity through renewable sources
  • Enhance energy efficiency by energy conservation and management efforts
  • Maximize the renewable energy mix


The object of the Agency is to gather and disseminate useful knowledge in the various fields on Non-conventional Energy, Energy conservation and Rural Technology, conduct studies, demonstrate, Implement and support implementation of schemes and projects in these fields, thereby deal with the problems arising out of the rapid depletion on Non renewable energy sources, update the technologies used in rural areas as well as introduce appropriate new technologies with an aim to reduce drudgery, increase production and improve the quality of life.

In particular the objects are:

  1. To identify, formulate, implement and implementation of projects aimed at providing energy requirements of the State of Kerala by harnessing solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, biogas, biomass, energy plantations, micro and mini hydel projects, improved chulahs and kilns etc. with the object of evolving long term plans based on the same.
  2. To identify, formulate, implement and support implementation of a broad based energy conservation program including the conservation of energy at the source of generation, at the state of distribution and/ or its utilization.
  3. To identify, formulate implement and support implementation of demonstration projects in the area of rural technology.
  4. To provide technical, financial or other assistance for the formulation of program designs, and projects meant for extension of alternative energy development program, energy conservation, and rural technologies in the state.
  5. To provide technical, financial or other assistance for popularization and creation of awareness on alternative sources of energy, energy conservation and rural technologies.
  6. To undertake or sponsor techno-economic or socio-economic feasibility studies or cost benefit analysis with respect to new and alternative sources of energy, energy conservation and rural technology.
  7. To undertake or sponsor training program, seminars workshops etc. on non-conventional sources of energy, energy conservation, and rural technology.
  8. To sponsor, co-ordinate or promote research programs or projects of a development nature involving development of prototypes, pilot plant investigation etc. in the area of alternative and new sources of energy and rural technologies, and
  9. To make available knowledge and experience to the State Government, Central Government. Municipal Corporation, Municipalities, Panchayats and other local bodies and semi-Government and other development agencies in the State and elsewhere and also offer consultancy services on all such matters pertaining to alternative sources of energy, energy conservation and rural technology as may be referred to it from time to time and to undertake on its own or in collaboration or on other arrangement with national or international agencies, program of research, application, extension and development of new energy sources, methods of energy conservation and rural technologies; and
  10. To do all such other things as may be incidental on conductive to the attainment of the above objects.


In order to achieve the above objectives, the Agency may engage itself in activities as are exemplified hereunder.

  1. Liaise with other agencies in the country or abroad in the fields of Non-conventional Energy, Energy Conservation, and Rural Technology.
  2. Co-operate and affiliate, if necessary with institutions, associations or bodies in India or abroad;
  3. Establish and to maintain technical libraries and / or information centers, and to collect and collate information regarding alternative sources of energy, energy conservation and rural technologies.
  4. Develop and support centers of documentation, publication service, maintenance and supply of data including patent literature, current status reports etc in the area of energy sources, energy management, and rural Technology.
  5. Act as Nodal Agency for externally sponsored projects on Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology.
  6. Take special steps including that of conducting training courses to develop a group of Scientists and technologies working in the field of energy sources and rural technologies and to identify and encourage research and development in the related areas, as also to institute and award fellowships, prizes, and medals and to issue certificates;
  7. Establish and maintain workshop and manufacturing units to further the objects of the Agency.


Solar Photovoltaic Program

Solar Photovoltaic, commonly termed as `SPV’, is the process by which the light energy is converted into electrical energy. When the sun light falls on the solar panel, it produces electric current which is usually stored in batteries to be used during night. The produced current is directly used when the solar power plant is directly connected to the grid or in applications like solar pumping systems.

Under this program, ANERT had distributed devices using Solar Energy. The following devices are distributed under this program in accordance with MNRE and other Schemes using ANERT funds

  • Solar PV devices like solar lantern (64,000)
  • Solar home lighting systems (32,900)
  • Solar street light systems (712)
  • Solar TV power pack (150)
  • Solar water pumping systems (deep & shallow well)
  • Solar fencing energisers (10)
  • Solar vaccine refrigerator (10)
  • Solar fishermen pack (25)
  • SPV demo kits for schools (350)
  • PV insect light traps (4)
  • PV rubber tapper's light (120)


Solar Thermal Program

Solar Thermal Energy Program of ANERT is aimed at supplementing thermal energy requirements at various temperatures for different applications like cooking, water heating, Industrial process heating, crop drying, space heating, water desalination, etc. by harnessing solar energy and converting it into heat using various solar thermal devices and systems.

ANERT had installed 1,24,000 LPD solar water heating systems in hospitals alone. So far, ANERT had installed 27626 m2 of collector area in Kerala for solar water heating systems.  With these installations, the power conserved is equivalent to 0.84 MW of conventional electricity.

Apart from this, ANERT has distributed 940 solar cookers, 15 solar crop driers, 3 industrial crop driers, 80 solar stills, 3 SK-14 cookers, 90 m2 of collector area for swimming pool heaters and has carried out revitalization of 10 large industrial systems. The present programs undertaken include schemes to distribute solar box cookers and solar water heaters through Local Self Government Institutions.

Biomass Gasification

Solid wastes such as coconut shell, husk, coir pith, rice husk, coffee husk, and other industrial biomass wastes can be converted into producer gas by gasification.  This gas produced can be used for heating and generating electricity.

ANERT has installed 2.5 K Cal capacity coconut shell based gasifier at Thiruvampady, Kozhikode for drying copra with MNRE assistance.

ANERT had also installed a Briquetting machine to briquette coir pith into useful fuel without any additives which can be used for cooking food, boiling water, generating electricity, etc.

ANERT has installed 3 biomass gasifiers in the State with MNRE assistance.  The Kerala Ceramic, Kundara at Kollam District recently installed a High efficiency Bio mass direct combustion system to save diesel to generate hot air for the factory use with 90% financial support from ANERT.  The factory is able to save an approximate amount of Rs 5 lakh per month in this regard.

Wind Energy Program

ANERT in association with MNRE had conducted a detailed study of the wind potential of Kerala and this is estimated to be about 605 MW.

ANERT had prepared a detailed Project Report for establishing a Wind farm of 2 MW capacities as a demonstration project at Ramakkalmedu in Idukki district. Kerala had already installed 28 MW capacity wind energy generators (in Idukki & Palakkad districts) with active private participation.

Apart from this, ANERT had installed 137 wind water pumping systems in various parts of the State. ANERT had collected wind data of 21 sites in the State, and presently wind monitoring stations are recording wind data at 5 locations.

Improved Chulha

ANERT had installed 8,17,352 improved chulhas in Kerala till now including community chulhas for schools and anganwadies. Improved chulhas are modified forms of conventional chulhas used for cooking purposes. Here the smoke is controlled and directed out using a pipe which assures the person using the chulha a healthy atmosphere free from smoke, dust and heat. The modified version allows free flow of air ensuring complete combustion of the firewood, thus increasing efficiency. Efficiency of improved chulhas are almost double that of conventional chulhas. The consumption of fuel is halved when such chulhas are used and hence the expenses also. This helps in reducing deforestation also.

MNRE has recognized ANERT chulha as a long life model. More than 140 training programs are being conducted every year to users, masons, potters, master-craftsmen, NGOs, SEWs, etc. ANERT received National award three times for the best performance and functionality

Micro / Small Hydel Program

The state of Kerala has a large untapped potential for Small Hydro Power generation. ANERT has identified this as a thrust area of activity for the coming years and has initiated activities to mobilize potential developers of SHP in the State.

Orientation training for selected Local Self Government Institutions, who are the possible developers of standalone SHP projects in remote rural areas were conducted. A detailed training on technical aspects of SHP development was also organized.

Potential sites identified for small hydro power generation is appended as Annexure 1

Energy Mart

An Entrepreneurship program envisaged by ANERT proposes to open Energy Marts throughout Kerala. This center shall provide non-conventional mode device and facilitate its service. 78 Centers are finalised.

The Energy Mart shall be an enterprise, of unemployed skilled youth at the Block, Municipality or Corporation level marketing Renewable Energy and Demand Side Management products and services. The Energy Marts shall be a joint initiative of local governments and the Agency for Non- Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) and the Total Energy Security Mission (TESM). Efforts would be made to channelize products and services required by local governments and the local community through these marts. Subsidy schemes of MNRE ,TESM and Local governments would be also channelized.

The enterprise shall undertake the following activities:

  1. Installation of chulhas through Green Energy Corps(GEC)
  2. Installation of biogas plants through Green Energy Corps (GEC)
  3. Commissioning of NRE products
  4. Undertaking NRE services
  5. Sale of the off the shelf products
  6. Repair and maintenance of existing installations

List of the New and Renewable Energy products and services likely to be covered are as follows:

  1. Solar photovoltaic installations including home lighting systems, solar lantern, solar power pack, solar street lights, etc.
  2. Solar thermal systems including solar cooker, solar drier, steam cooker, solar water heater, etc.
  3. Biomass systems like community chulha, fixed chulha, portable chulha, biogas plants both fixed and portable, gasifier, etc.
  4. Befoul based systems and waste conversion systems
  5. Small wind aero generators and hybrid systems
  6. Efficient lighting systems including lighting controls, LED, CFL, Induction lamps, etc.
  7. Energy efficiency gadgets like hotbox, electronic ballasts, On-Off controls, etc.
  8. Repair and maintenance of devices and systems
  9. Installation of all the devices and systems listed above

Decentralised Offices

District Offices of ANERT Image removed. Image removed. Image removed.

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District Engineer, ANERT
1st floor, ANERT HQ,
PMG-LawCollege Road,
Vikas Bhavan P.O.,
Thiruvananthapuram 695033

Tel.: 0471-230 4137


District Engineer, ANERT
Near Temporary Court, 
Anandavalleeswaram Nagar - 19, 
Thirumullavaram P.O., 
Kollam 691012

Tel.: 0474-279 7078


District Engineer, ANERT
Kuttungal Complex,
North of Indira Junction,
Thondankulangara Ward,
Avalookunnu P.O.,
Alappuzha - 688006

Tel.: 0477-223 5591


District Engineer, ANERT
Jubail Building,
Opp: Red Cross Society, Pettah,
Pathanamthitta - 689645

Tel.: 0468-222 4096


District Engineer, ANERT
1st Floor, Parayil Building, 
Kalathilpadi, Padavatoor P.O. 
Kottayam 686010.

Tel.: 0481-257 5007


District Engineer, ANERT
3rd Floor, St.George Building, 
Idukki Colony P.O., Cheruthony,
Idukki - 685602.

Tel.: 0486-223 5152


District Engineer, ANERT
Ashoka Apartment,
Flat No. A1, Opposite Civil Station,
Kakkanad P.O.,
Ernakulam - 682030.

Tel.: 0484-242 8611


District Engineer, ANERT
Karthiayani Temple Road
Ayyanthole Ground
Ayyanthole P.O.
Thrissur - 680003.

Tel.: 0487-236 0941


District Engineer, ANERT
Opp. Town Railway Station,
Palakkad - 678 001.

Tel.: 0491-250 4182


District Engineer, ANERT
2nd Floor, Koduvally Muslim Orphanage Building,
Opp. Civil Station,
Kozhikode - 673020.

Tel.: 0495-237 3764


District Engineer, ANERT
Building No.22/95, DPO Road,
Malappuram - 676519.

Tel.: 0483-273 0999


District Engineer, ANERT
No. KM VIII/180(3),
Main Road, Gudalai,
Kalpetta - 673121

Tel.: 04936-206216


District Engineer, ANERT
Emerald Shopping Complex, 
Kakkad Road, South Bazar,
Kannur - 670002.

Tel.: 0497-270 0051


District Engineer, ANERT
Railway Station Road,
Clock Tower Junction,
Kasaragod - 671121.

Tel.: 04994-230944

Details of Services Provided

Particulars of services
Indicative time requirement
Providing data, specifications, advices, Explanations on non-conventional energy devices, sources for procurement, availability of schemes of Central / State Governments for giving subsidy, Finance, etc. Within one week
Forwarding Application to MNRE for availing Subsidy as per the existing Scheme Within 3 months of getting application complete in all aspects
Issue of press notice about new schemes announced by Government on Non–conventional energy programs 7 days
Technical & Administrative sanction for installing Wind Farms 60 days of getting complete application

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